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Januari 31, 2008

TIME Magazine

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TIME Magazine January 14, 2008 Vol. 171 No. 2
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COVER: Why Pakistan Matters – Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has plunged the Muslim nuclear power into chaos. Now the Bush Administration must help undo decades of flawed U.S. policy to save Pakistan
Martyr Without a Cause – Bhutto was a brave, gutsy, secular and liberal woman. But she was a central part of Pakistan’s problems, not a solution to them
• NATION: Death Penalty Walking – The Supreme Court prepares to hear a case on lethal injections that could cause us to rethink our haphazard system of capital punishment
• SOCIETY: Bringing Babies to Work – More businesses are allowing parents to take their infants to the office. Is having a cooing baby in the cubicle next door too much of a workplace distraction?

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