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Januari 31, 2008

Google Earth 4.2 + Sky & Flight SIM

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1. Open the program and press Ctrl + A (or Ctrl + Alt + A) to launch the hidden Flight Simulator program.
2. It’s based on Google Earth’s image streaming and you can fly around the area currently showing, choose from a number of preset locations or takeoff and land from a selection of airports around the world.
3. You have a choice of two aircraft, an F16 fighter or a slightly more sedate Cirrus SR22 single engine aircraft. Obviously it’s not as sophisticated as full blown flight sim programs but you have a good heads-up display showing attitude, altitude, heading, engine speed and so on, and there’s a full set of controls using your PC keyboard, or you can plug in a joystick. It’s great fun, highly addictive and very realistic. Stick to around 2-3000 feet for the best effect, and landscapes with a lot of buildings or 3D structures works really well, just watch those dives and stalls!




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