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Januari 15, 2008


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Zamani – Asyik Kulagukan
Zamani – Nur Kasih
Achik & Nana-Aci Aci Buka Pintu
Achik & Nana-Antara Matamu Dan Mataku
Achik & Nana-Benang Emas
Achik & Nana-Cinta Sebenar Cinta
Achik & Nana-Imbasan Kenangan
Achik & Nana-Mari Bermain Tali
Achik & Nana-Mungkinkah Terjadi
Achik & Nana-TataSuria

AC Mizal – Di Sini

Spoon – Memori Sekuntum Rindu

Secret OST-Jay Chou

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Secret OST-Jay Chou

  1. 周杰伦 – 不能说
  2. 周杰伦 – 彩虹
  3. 周杰伦 – 彩虹周
  4. 周杰伦 – 蒲公英
  5. 早操-不能说的&
  6. Track (1)
  7. Track (2)
  8. Track (3)
  9. Track (4)
  10. Track (5) Videoclip

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Photoshop CS3 Workflow

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Tim Grey, “Photoshop CS3 Workflow: The Digital Photographer’s Guide”
Sybex | ISBN: 0470119411 | May 14, 2007 | 352 pages | PDF | 22MB

If you’re like most artists, the idea of structuring your work may seem at odds with true creativity, but you’ll be surprised to learn from digital imaging expert Tim Grey that just the opposite is true. This latest edition of his bestselling guide to Photoshop shows you how proper workflow can free you from the repetitive parts of a project and let you focus on your vision. Discover techniques that streamline processes, reduce your time and effort, and produce striking results.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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Ebook – pdf-Eng – 66 Mb

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How to Cheat in Photoshop CS3

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Steve Caplin, “How to Cheat in Photoshop CS3: The art of creating photorealistic montages, 4th edition”
Focal Press | ISBN 0240520629 | May 28, 2007 | 416 Pages | PDF | 34.8MB

[quote]With his in-depth knowledge of the little-known secrets used by the pros to produce awardwinning illustrations, Steve is THE go-to guru for professional designers, graphic artists, illustrators, retouchers and students of design media and illustration who want to create photorealistic effects using Photoshop. Updated for Photoshop CS3, this must-have resource unlocks your creativity and helps you save time in the software so you can spend more time creatively. The book is also relevant to any version of Photoshop.
* Create convincing smoke effects and make effective explosions the simple way
* Take years off someone’s appearance
* Turn a photograph of someone looking straight into the camera into a different perspective with the entire head (not just the eyes)
* Modify a statue so it looks like a living person or paint hair directly on any surface
* Produce the perfect cutout in the shortest time with Photoshop CS3’s new Quick Selection tool… and more[/quote]

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Mastering Photoshop CS3 for Print Design and Production

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Mastering Photoshop CS3 for Print Design and Production by Ted LoCascio
Sybex | ISBN: 0470114576 | July 17, 2007 | 573 pages | PDF | 39 Mb

Unlike the early days of Photoshop, for several years now most Photoshop books have been aimed at photographers; there is a big hole on the bookstore shelf that needs to be filled by a Photoshop book that is geared specifically towards graphic design professionals and production artists. This core audience should not have to wade through useless chapters of content geared towards other users of the application, namely professional photographers, web designers, and video editors.
Mastering Photoshop for Print Design and Production sets graphic designers and production artists in the right direction when implementing the latest version of Photoshop into their everyday workflow. It demonstrates how to use Photoshop for all aspects of print, from simpler tasks such as basic color correction and masking, to more advanced tasks such as color management, utilizing layer comps, and troubleshooting and automating RGB-to-CMYK color conversion.
Entirely four-color throughout, Mastering Photoshop for Print Design and Production fulfills the promise of the Mastering series, to provide real-world skills to professionals and students. Like all Mastering books, this one includes:

* A “by pros for pros” approach: The author is an active professional working in graphic arts, layout, and design, writing for professionals who want to improve their skills or learn new skills.
* Real-world examples: Running throughout the text are examples of how the various skills are applied in scenarios faced by real practitioners.
* Skill-based teaching and hands-on exercises.

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